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Pavel Shalman & Boki Radenkovic
"On the Other Side of the Danube"



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"The Duo Shalman - Radenkovic comes much further than to the other side of the Danube"

"A colorful & insanely homogeneous music firework that from the first second takes you on a wonderful journey."

Our Debut album is finally here and it only took us a pandemic to finish it.

It contains eleven of our own compositions, influenced by many beautiful musical traditions around the world and infiltrated by the sounds we hear in our heads. We are really happy how it turned out and are excited to share it with all of you.

Above are some of the main platforms where you can stream it, download it or order it, there are many more, just check your favorite and there is a good chance it is there. Otherwise you can purchase the album at select music shops in Austria and of course at one of our concerts.

Big thanks to SKE Fonds for supporting this production:

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